The rise in popularity of being a physical therapist

And why many people are turning to it for a job

The occupation of physical therapist has increasingly become more and more popular among people looking for a job. This is because there has been a steady rise in the need of them, as they are needed in more and more fields of medicine and health care. From being a critical part of surgery and accident recovery, to playing a vital role in maintaining athletes and take care of the elderly. All this has also led to the overall rise in PT salary, leading to more and more people wanting to do it. So if you are interested, how do you find out about these salaries?

physical therapy

Well thankfully there is a website that is solely dedicated to bringing you such information and it is This site not only brings you the average salary of a physical therapist, but also compares it with other jobs and the national average too. Physical therapy does in fact pay about 103% more then the American average, making it a very attractive job to anyone looking to do something that will give them a steady and good income. Overall the most is paid in the health care sector, while out of all of the 50 states, Nevada pays the best at around 33% more hen the next closest state, Alaska. It is this sort of information that is not only critical but useful too for anyone looking to become a physical therapist in the future.

So if you are just getting out of college, going into college or looking for a career change and don’t know where to go. Try becoming a physical therapist and to find out the pay you can expect head over to