A Noob’s Guide To MIG Welding : Equipment

There are several things that you need to be aware of while you are MIG welding for the first or even the second time. In fact there are things that you can just never forget.

After ensuring your safety there are several types of equipment that you need to make sure are in your belonging and working properly.

Having a 230c outlet at your garage or a 140c outlet at home works well with good MIG welders. If you have a 230c outlet at home then it opens various options for you, so it’s always a good choice.  Both outlets offer easy operation and controls and both can easily be used with either flux core wire or gas. You need to remember one basic rule, you get what you pay for. There are a lot of best MIG welders under 500 but buying the best MIG welders saves you both time and money.

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Other equipment’s that you would needare as follows:

  1. Grinder for bevelling edges or cleaning up the really nasty stuff.
  2. Set of wire brushes for cleaning your work prior to beginning.
  3. Good set of welding pliers.
  4. Welding cart to place your welder on. You could also build this cart to save money and if you are that skilled.
  5. Cover or cabinet to store your welder and welding dedicated tools.
  6. Welding stand or table for working on projects.


Like all other automotive projects, MIG Welding also requires quality preparation. There is a joke that says preparing for painting a car is 80% work and 20% work is the actual painting. So do not rush into welding. Prepare the metals first so that they are welded properly.


Welding is like any other skill that requires time and patience. Become angry or getting frustrated is the worst thing you could do to yourself. If you are patient it won’t take you time to master the skill of welding.